10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (2022)

We’ve all been out driving late at night at one point or another.

The darkness, the fog, the road seemingly stretching on forever.

Your sense of direction grows hazy and you begin to feel lost.

You might grow paranoid, and start to feel scared for your life.

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Normally that would be letting your nerves get the better of you, but not if you’re traveling down one of the10 scariest haunted roads in Southern California.

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, a street just has that right touch of the otherworldly to be actually considered haunted.

If you want to go out for a nice relaxing midnight drive, it might be best you avoid these stretches of road.

If you decide otherwise,you may want to calla California Psychic to get an idea of what you’ll face ahead of time.

But we’ll tell you now, these roadshouse ghosts, apparitions, and even vampires that stalkthose who make their long trek home in the dead of night.

If you’re one of those people that like to debunk ghost stories however, take a ride down one of the streets mentioned below.

Justmake sure you bring along a map, a spare tire, and plenty of courage along with it.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California

Table of Contents

  • 1 #10) Jicarilla Road, Apple Valley
  • 2 #9) Intersection of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain Drive, Los Angeles
  • 3 #8) Glen Helen Road “Gravity Hill”, San Bernardino
  • 4 #7) Dogwood Road,El Centro
  • 5 #6) Proctor Valley Road,Chula Vista
  • 6 #2) El Evado Road, Victorville
  • 7 #1) Creek Road,Ojai
  • 8 Get Directions To The Haunted Roads
  • 9 Your Next Step

#10) Jicarilla Road, Apple Valley

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (2)

Apple Valley also houses a sinister spirit that wanders Jicarilla Road.

The ghost is said to be the incarnation of a man who was struck at the intersection of Jicarilla and Yucca Loma roads.

Tragically killed in the prime of his life, the man now frequently appears to some of the locals at the very spot he was killed at late at night.

Those who have seen him report the man missing sections of his face.

Making matters even spookier, are reports that the man sometimes appears as a young child with a bloodied sack over his face.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (3)

Photo credit: tumblr/pricklylegs

Much debate has surfaced about the intentions of the ghost, who frequently chases people.

Some of the best psychics online believe that his spirit is restless and angry due to the nature of his death and is out to seek justice at best, vengeance at worst.

Whatever the case, the sightings and encountersare certainly terrifying,to say the least.

#9) Intersection of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain Drive, Los Angeles

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (4)

Hollywood’s intersection of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain is probably most famous for containing Houdini’s famous mansion.

In fact, the mansion thought to be Houdini’s was never actually his, but the intersection remains infamous for other reasons; its hauntings.

It is notoriously known for its sightings of a demon carriage that is pulled by two chillingly white horse specters.

Throughout the years several different accidents have been reported in the area, the drivers claiming that they were trying to swerve out of the way of the ghostly carriage.

The apparition is said to be deathly silent, making all sorts of vehicles prey for the demonic carriage ride that roams the street at the dead of night.

#8) Glen Helen Road “Gravity Hill”, San Bernardino

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (5)

Have you ever been driving along and had to stop on a hill?

Have you ever encountered your car rolling uphill instead of downwards?

If you’re like most people you would say that question is ridiculous, but not for the drivers who have stopped on Glen Helen Road, also known as “Gravity Hill,” in San Bernardino.

Local myth states that a hundred yards beyond the train tracks on Glen Helen lies the strange phenomenon of cars rolling uphill instead of downward.

Residents from the area have said that this was the aftermath from when six children were killed on that road by a car that rolled backwards.

The spirits of the children might want to make it so no one else is tragically run down on that hill ever again.

But due to conflicting reports, some are beginning to believethe spirits are not well-intentioned and are, in fact, evil in nature.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (6)

Photo credit: wattpad.com

In March of 2015, a 19 year oldwomanvisited the gravity hill at night alone.

As the car moved up the hill, as expected, she heard a loud thump and the car stopped.

Fearing she hit an animal she got out of the car to check.

She was, however, greeted by a “small girl with no pupils and matted hair”.

The young girl quickly bit the woman and screamed, “You’re ours now.

You belong to us!” and disappeared.

#7) Dogwood Road,El Centro

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (7)

Several local reports have been made about the frequent accidents caused by frightening ghost sightings on Dogwood Road.

The long stretch is extremely busy during the day, but at night or in the early morning hours the traffic fades, and the hauntings begin.

It is said that during these hours a young girl ghost walks along looking for passerby cars to pull over.

Once she gets a victim vehicle, she enters the car only for her to vanish when she is asked about directions for where she is going.

#6) Proctor Valley Road,Chula Vista

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (8)

One ofthescariest haunted roads in Southern California, this large, deserted, dry and dusty road in rural San Diego has had a long history of paranormal sightings that are as varied as they are terrifying.

Locals have reported that the hauntings stem from an incident years ago when various ranchers’ cattle went missing, which were later found miles away bloodied and mutilated.

Stories of a shop owner who killed his entire family and then himself are also a popular myth, adding to the dark presence of the road.

Recently there have been nighttime sightings of a “half man and half goat looking thing” on the side of the road.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (9)


There also have been othervarious sightings of apparitions on Proctor Valley Rd., including a banshee woman in a blue dress who flags down drivers only to attack them.

Another story involves a demon car, which chases unsuspecting vehicles and horrifically drives them off the road.

#5) Colorado Street “Suicide Bridge”,Pasadena

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (10)

It wouldn’t take much imagination to see how Colorado Str. Bridge got its disturbing nickname.

First constructed in Pasadena in 1912, the bridge has seen more than 100 people commit suicide.

The majority of these reckless tragedies happened during the Great Depression in the 1930’s.

Of course after all these suicides, reports started coming in from locals that the Colorado Str. Bridge was in fact haunted.

Many have said they’ve seen the frightening apparition of a man with glasses, walking up to the side of the bridge to kill himself once more.

It is said that those who die on the bridge, spend an eternity there as spiritual punishment.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (11)

Perhaps even more disturbing are recent reports of ghost hunters feeling hands close around their throat as they explore the base of the bridge.

One female ghost hunter was said to have a pair of hands visible beneath the flesh of her throat, squeezing her trachea.

Her male companions attempted to help but were unable to do anything asthe “attack”went on for roughly 30seconds.

Then suddenly, the hands disappeared as fastas they had appeared in the first place.

#4) Foothill Boulevard,Fontana

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (12)

Many times a road is haunted by a spirit whose soul was cut down there unexpectedly.

Such is the case on Foothill Boulevard in Fontana.

Different locals have reported seeing a ghostly apparition while they were driving along on the street.

The ghost is said to have been a man who was walking his dog one day when he was run down and killed by a drunk driver.

His spirit now haunts Foothill Blvd.

Many have reported seeing the man who is said to be wearing sunglasses and using some sort of cane.

Thus, earning it’s place on this list of the scariest haunted roads in Southern California.

The ghost manis usually accompanied by his black dog, who was also killed in the wreck.

#3) Del Mar Racetrack, San Diego

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (13)

Photo credit: Christopher Toumanian

While this isn’t technically a road, it is a track, and a haunted one at that.

The famous Del Mar Racetrack has been an institution in San Diego for the past 75 years.

While it has gained popular notoriety for its visitation by Hollywood superstars looking to make a bet, it is also famous for its frequent sightings of paranormal activity.

Some employees have experienced unexplainable situations late night at the track, including mysterious shadows with white eyes moving through the halls, as well as demonic voices being overheard.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (14)

Photo credit: taaasty.com

Sightings of theshadow figures have been on the rise lately.

Making matters even more terrifying, the shadows are often found hunched over in corners of the building feasting on rodents.

No one is sure how the shadows manage to pick up the rodents, but then again, no one is sure how these “shadow-things” exist in the first place.

#2) El Evado Road, Victorville

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (15)

While some spirits wish to help those who are still alive, other apparitions have more evil plans.

El Evado Road in Victorville is a long stretch of road which has seen its fair share of people losing their lives.

Car accidents and disasters have run rampant here, and the mayhem all stems from that of the ghosts of children.

Locals of Victorville have reported seeing apparitions of kids in the street that suddenly disappear.

Cars will come to a violent stop when they see a child cross the road, and then as quickly as they came, they mysteriously vanish.

#1) Creek Road,Ojai

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (16)

What is a beautiful road to drive along during the day, turns into a terrifying stretch of horror at night.

Creek Rd. is home to many things that go bump in the middle of the night, causing countless urban myths and legends to spring up in the process.

One of the most well-known apparitions to appear on Creek Rd. is that of the Char-Man, who got his name from being a burnt up victim that died in a heinous car wreck.

He is said to startle anyone foolish to be walking along late at night, so be careful where you take those midnight strolls.

One of the lesser known legends, but perhaps most terrifying, is the legend of the Ocher.

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Southern California (17)

The Ocher is said to be a black robed figure with distorted facial features.

Those who spot the Ocher report it’s face covered in something resembling a mixture of blood and paint.

It’s believed the Ocher may be the apparition of a local transient Donald Powell, who was said to be brutalizedby the Char Man.

If you areunfortunate enough to spotthe Ocher you may suddenly discoverhand-print burn marks appearing across yourabdomen and back.

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