A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (2022)

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A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (1)

If you want an overview of all the characters from Monster High, then you are in the right place. On this page, we are going to go over all the main Monster High characters, plus some of the fringe characters. We may even have some that you have not previously heard of. If you are a fan of Monster High, or maybe you are just getting into it, then this page will give you a rundown of all the characters you are likely to encounter.

Monster High is a line of dolls created by Mattel. They were first released back in 2010, and since their introduction, they have become hugely popular. We now have games, TV shows and a whole host of merchandise based on the theme. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the dolls are basically designed to be children of well-known monsters. So, as an example, you have Draculaura who is, of course, the daughter of Dracula.

When the line of dolls first came out, there were a few main characters that we were introduced to; since then, many more have been introduced, and now there is a very long list of monsters involved. Let’s take a look at them.

The Main Monster High Characters - The Ghouls

Frankie Stein

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (2)

Frankie Stein - The main character that we were first introduced to. As you would guess Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster. She was the new girl at school in the first of the cartoon episodes and the story started off revolving around her. Her appearance is as you would expect, she has two bolts on her neck, several patches where she looks sown together and she also has striking black and white hair. Her main issue is that she often gives of electric charges. In the first episode she was in she made the mistake of jumping into the school swimming pool and giving all the students a nasty shock.

Of all the dolls she is without a doubt one of the most popular and there have been a few different versions of Frankie Stein that Mattel have brought out. Possibly the best one was Ghouls Rule version which has her dressed in a stunning party dress with an impressive looking hair style. The Basic Frankie doll is also a very popular one that people often like to collect. In 2013 a new Frankie party doll was brought out as part of the Thirteen Wishes range and this also looks like being a very stylish doll.

Frankie does not have a boyfriend although she did create one for herself in one of the episodes, this sown together creation then came to life and became the character Hoodude Voodoo. After creating him however, Frankie decided she didn't need a boyfriend to fit in after all, this of course upset Hoodude who still has a massive crush on her.

Cleo De Nile

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (3)

Cleo De Nile - Cleo is the daughter of a Mummy and is extremely old, almost six thousand years in fact! She has quite a forceful personality and can be quite haughty a lot of the time. She is dating Deuce Gordon and she likes to think she is the most popular girl in the school. Cleo often uses one of the other ghouls, Ghoulia Yelps as her personal assistant and often seems to take advantage of others. In early shows this ghoul didn’t really get on with anyone, but as the shows progressed she seems to have mellowed a little bit. Her appearance is aimed to look like an Egyptian Queen and she also has bandages hanging off her to represent her Mummy parents.

Cleo has a snake as her pet and he is named Hissette. He can also be quite touchy and short tempered at times. Cleo has an older sister called Nefera who often features in the show. There have been lots of doll versions of Cleo and some of these were really nicely done. Again one of the most popular version brought out has been the Ghouls Rule line as Cleo is wearing a nice ball dress and looks really good. You can actually pick up Cleo and Deuce Gordon is a twin pack so this is a good way to get both dolls at the same time. One of the latest versions of the doll comes in a play set from the Thirteen Wishes range.


A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (4)

Draculaura - As we mentioned earlier Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula himself. She is well over a thousand years old and is one of Frankie Stein's best friends. The funny thing about this character is that she is actually a vegetarian and the thought of blood makes her feel faint. Of all the ghouls at Monster High she is one of the most likeable, she is very sweet and can be quite entertaining. She also has a pet bat named Count Fabulous who she calls her BFF or Bat Friend Forever. Draculaura tend to dress in bright pink and is one of the more fashionable ghouls who attend the school. Mattel have also brought out a few versions of this doll and girls seem to love dressing her up in lots of different outfits.

So some of the dolls we have seen include the basic one which was the first release as again is now quite collectible. There was also a dead tired doll which came with a coffin like bed for her character to sleep in. The Gloom Beach doll was a popular one which saw Draculaura in her beach gear. Next up was Dawn Of The Dance and here we got a nice version with a pretty little dance dress outfit. More recently there was the Skull shores doll and then probably the most impressive of all the releases the Ghouls Rule version which gave us Draculaura in a stunning ball gown. This ghoul also has lots of her very own accessories ranging from hand bags to an actual Roadster designed just for her.

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Clawdeen Wolf - A pretty obvious one this, Clawdeen is the daughter of a Werewolf. She is seen to be the most stylish ghoul at school and lots of the other students at Monster High do indeed look up to her and try to imitate her to some extent. Her appearance is instantly recognisable, she has flowing dark hair, usually wears something purple and supports big platform shoes. She also has an older brother cleverly names Clawd and then a younger sister called Howleen who she does not usually get on very well with. For her pet she has Cresent who is a kitten that follows her around and is very soft and cuddly.

When it comes to Clawdeen Wolf dolls there have been plenty of them. The first release was way back in October 2010, this classic version came with diary, stand and hair brush. The second doll was from Dawn of the Dance and saw Clawdeen with bright green hair, something quite surprising when it first came out. Next came Gloom Beach and then Dead Tired which featured a brilliant bed for her to sleep in. Around mid 2011 we got the Schools Out line which featured yet another version of Clawdeen and then we saw her again in the Sweet 1600 theme. Moving into 2012 we got a Campus Stroll doll, one from Ghouls Rule and then most recently the brilliantly done Scarily Ever After which saw her dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Chances are we will see even more new versions coming out in the near future.

Lagoona Blue

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (8)

Lagoona Blue - This one is the daughter of the creature from the Black Lagoon. Lagoona Blue is seen as one of the most friendly ghouls at school and she is always ready to help anyone who needs her. She is a blonde who looks like she has spent much of her life living in the sea, which of course she probably has. She carries round her little pet piranha in a little fish bowl which looks like a kind of purse. She tells people she was transferred from ‘down under’ and she does indeed have an Australian accent when she talks. Lagoona is also dating Gillington Webber and she was one of the first dolls released by Mattel back in 2010.

As you would expect with Lagoona being a very popular character there have been plenty of different doll versions of her. The first came out back in July 2010 and was classed as a basic doll, this one came with a diary and sold very well. The came the Dawn of the Dance doll which had her in a lovely ball gown. The Dead Tired version was interesting as it came with a tank for the doll to sleep underwater in. There have also been dolls in the Classroom line, Schools Out, Skull Shores, Dot Dead Gorgeous and Roller Maze.

Another edition of the doll is the Lagoona Blue Dance Class doll where she is performing classic Ballet, she comes in a nice outfit with her ballet shoes at the ready. New in 2013 was the Thirteen Wishes line which also introduces two new characters, plus there is also a brand new Lagoona doll. Chances are Mattel will keep releasing more dolls of this character as she is always very popular.

Ghoulia Yelps

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (9)

Ghoulia Yelps - Ghoulia is the smartest of all who attend Monster High. She is the daughter of a zombie couple and hence can not actually produce any humans sounds, only mumbles and moans. She is friends with Cleo De Nile although Cleo seems to see her as more of a slave at times. She has her very own pet owl who is called Sir Hoots A Lot who is also very clever. Her appearance is very recognisable, she has striking blue hair and funky glasses. There are quite a few dolls based on Ghoulia and she seems to be very popular with little girls.

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that there have been a fair few Ghoulia dolls released over the years. The first one came out way back in October 2010, this was from one of the first basic lines of toys. Next came the Dawn Of The Dance doll which saw Ghoulia in a red dress with stunning hair. Over the summer of 2011 there was a Dead Tired doll brought out and this one was quite popular. There was also a Classroom version released in 2011. In October of 2011 there was a Skull Shores line released and once again Ghoulia was one of the dolls featured. An unusual doll was the Roller Maze doll that came out in June 2012, this seemed to be very popular over the summer months. Then of course there is the City Of Frights release which is one of the largest lines of dolls that Monster High have brought out for a good long while.

Abbey Bominable - A character based on the Yeti also known as the Abominable Snowman. Abbey is seen as the strongest of the ghouls and all the others respect her, although she can sometimes be a little too short tempered. She wears impressive looking snow boots and looks to have an icy chill about her. Abbey also has a pet baby mammoth who is called Shiver and can often been seen with this. The first time Abbey Bominable appeared in doll form was halfway through 2011 so a little later than most of the other main characters, but now she is well and truly one of the most popular characters at Monster High.

As for the dolls based on Abbey there are again plenty to choose from. The first one that came out was back in July 2011 and this was part of the Schools Out series. This one featured a nice example of the doll and had Abbey wearing her famous snow boots. There were also dolls in the Skull Shores line, Dead Tired, Picture Day and Ghouls Rule which featured Abbey in an impressive looking dress. We expect to see more new dolls of Abbey Bominable brought out in the not to distant future.

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These are really the core of the monsters at the school, known as the Ghouls these characters are the ones that Mattel really seem to concentrate on when bringing out dolls. There are other though, so let's take a look at a few more.

Spectra Vondergeist

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (10)

Spectra Vondergeist - As you may have worked out from the name, Spectra is a daughter of ghost parents. She haunts the hall ways looking for gossip and a tale to tell. She has a diary that she can often be seen writing in and she also writes for the school blog, she’s is always in the hunt for the latest bit of juicy gossip. She also has a pet ferret named Rhuen. She has the ability to float around and go through walls which can be very handy for her. In case you are wondering where the name Spectra comes from it is taken from spectre which means a ghostly appearance.

There have been a few Spectra dolls that have come out over the years. The first one came out in the summer of 2011 and featured in the Schools Out line. Since then we have also seen the Dot Dead Gorgeous doll which featured the character in an elegant gown, there has also been the basic doll which came with her pet Ferret and more recently the Ghoul's Alive version of the doll was brought out. Although Spectra is not one of the most popular characters there are still some nice examples of dolls based on her.

Some More Popular Characters

Deuce Gorgon - The first male we take a look at then is Deuce Gorgon, he is dating Cleo and is the son of Medusa. He wears sunglasses as one look into his eyes turns anyone into stone.

Gillington Gil Webber - Gil is dating Lagoona Blue and he is the son of a river monster. He walks round with a tank full of water on his head.

Jackson Jekyll - One of the more recent characters, Jackson is the son of Mr Jekyll although as he has a split personality he doesn’t realise he is actually a monster.

Holt Hyde - The alter ego of Jackson Jekyll, his father is Hyde as in Jekyll and Hyde. He is a DJ and is blue in appearance.

Moe Deadovitch ‘Slow-Moe’ - This character is another zombie, and he is the one that Ghoulia has a massive crush on.

Operetta - The daughter of the phantom of the opera and not surprisingly she has a love of music. Her father is actually the music teacher at the school. She has been more prolific in recent years and we now see a lot more of Operetta than we used to.

Toralei Stripe

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (11)

Toralie Stripe - This is a lesser known character who is the daughter of a werecat. She has two dolls that are now out including one recently brought out from the Power Ghouls line where Toralei dresses up as Cat Woman or as she is known in this series, Cat Astrophe.

Clawd Wolf - The older brother of Clawdeen and an athletic monster who is on the football and basket (or casketball as it is known) teams.

Purrsephone and Meowlody - These are a pair of Werecat twins who were originally found on the feat leading squad. You can get dolls of the two of them together and again these are now seen as quite collectable.

Howleen Wolf - The younger sister of Clawdeen although she does not get on very well with her most of the time. There are a few dolls of Howleen that have now been released since Howleen was first introduced to the show. The newest of these was part of the Thirteen Wishes range.

Robecca Steam - Quite a new character introduced in the summer of 2012, Robecca is a robot and does not really have parents, she was created by a mad scientist. A new Robecca Steam doll was released in the summer of 2012 and this is now very collectable.

Hoodude Voodoo

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (12)

Hoodude Voodoo - Another more recent addition to Monster High is Hoodude Voodoo. He is the creation of Frankie and was made to be her boyfriend. He looks like a rag doll and there is actually a doll of him out although it can be tricky to get hold of as it was a limited release.

Rochelle Goyle - The daughter of a gargoyle Rochelle is from Scaris France. She was actually the star of the TV special 'Scaris City Of Frights'. The doll from this range of Rochelle sees her with a little suitcase which she wheels around after her.

Scarah Screams - Another new character for 2012 Scarah won a vote at Comic Con 2011 and due to this Mattel released a doll based on her and wrote her into the Monster High story.

Wydowna Spider - Another very new character, this ghoul is the daughter of a spider and comes with lots of legs! Her doll was previewed at Comic Con 2012. The Wydown Spider Daughter Of Arachne is a very spectacular looking character and we are very excited for the release of her doll.

Teachers and Staff at Monster High

Monster High Headmistress

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (13)

Along with the vast list of students there is also a long list of teachers who work at the school. Let’s have a look at some of these.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood - She is in charge of all that happens at the school, her character is based on the headless horseman and she does indeed ride a horse called Nightmare. She is quite a strict teacher and often takes of her head when something displeases her. She does also have her own doll which came out in 2011.

Coach Igor - Based on the character Igor this coach is not what you would expect from a gym teacher. He has a wooden leg and a hunchback, but still works the monsters very hard.

Mr Where - A teacher who is actually invisible but he wraps himself in bandages so that students can see him. One of the teachers who actually gets on quite well with his students.

Mr Hackington - An expert in torture it would seem, this science teacher enjoy dissecting pretty much anything.

Mr Mummy - Obviously a teacher based on a mummy monster and he is the maths teacher at the school.

Mr Lou Zarr - This is a replacement teacher who comes in when another teacher is not there. He is supposedly the only human at monster high and he has a little bit of trouble fitting in at times.

Ms Kindergrubber - A kind little old teacher who teaches the cooking class.

These are really the main teachers but there are also other ones such as the Lunch Lady, Crabgrass, Mr Death, Mr Ogrethor, Mr Rotter and G Reaper the guidance councillor.

There are also plenty of other characters that come and go throughout some of the episodes. Some of the ones that spring to mind include Scarah Screams, Gory Fangtell, Manny Taur, Don of the Dead, Bram Devin, Romulus, Andy Beast, Van Helscream, Invisi Billy, Brocko and maybe even a few more.

The New Characters

Twyla & Gigi Grant Dolls

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (14)

As the Monster High story line moves along we often see new characters brought out. Heading towards 2013 there were plenty of new ghouls to familiarize yourself with. At the end of the year there was a special show called City of Frights and this featured two new ghouls. Jinafire Long is a monster from the Orient and she is the daughter of a Chinese Dragon and Skelita Calaveras is from Mexico and is the daughter of a Skeleton. We are also expecting to see a new character who is the daughter of a spider, a doll for her has already been previewed. We should also see Catrine DeMew who is a character that has been talked about for a while. When we hear of any new characters that are coming to the show we will update the page and let you know.


The biggest news from summer 2013 is the new special show called Thirteen Wishes. This featured two brand new characters. One of these is called Twyla. She is the daughter of the Boogie Man, and is a very shy retiring kind of ghoul. A new Twyla doll came out over the summer as well. She has a pet dust bunny called Dustin who is always in danger of blowing away in the wind.

Gigi Grant


The main new character is the Thirteen Wishes storyline is Gigi Grant. She is the daughter of a genie and of course has the power to grant wishes. Howleen Wolf discovers the lamp that Gigi is hidden in and so she gets the first meeting of the two. Gigi has a pet scorpion called Sultan Sting and he is purple.

Catty Noir

A character that has visited Monster High on a few occasions is Catty Noir. She is a well known celebrity and she is hugely popular when she visits the school. Catty is a werecat with dark skin and she wears flamboyant dresses that really look impressive. There was a new doll brought out of Catty Noir as well and this has been very popular since it got it's release.

Honey Swamp

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (15)

Heading into 2014 there were yet more new characters being introduced to the show. So let's take a look at a few of them.

Honey Swamp - The daughter of a swamp monster, Honey Swamp has some funky green afro hair and looks to be really stylish. She makes her debut in the Frights, Camera, Action special that came out in 2014. She looks like being a very popular new character and her striking looks really are impressive.

Clawdia Wolf - Another sibling of Clawdeen, Clawdia is her older sister. She is also being introduced with Frights, Camera, Action and so she should appear early in the new year. She has blonde wavy hair and she is slightly taller than her younger sister.

Jane Boolittle - Jane is some kind of animal witchdoctor. She has a brace on her leg which gives her a little trouble when walking. She has a pet sloth as her animal.

Viperine Gorgon - Obviously related to Deuce Gorgon, Viperine is the daughter of Medusa and has the look at a serpent to her. We were hoping that she would have snakes for her like Deuce does but she just has bright pink hair instead. She is a very popular new character that is coming out again with the TV special at the beginning of the year.

Elissabat - The daughter of a vampire bat and possibly related to Draculaura. She has cute little fangs and really looks the part. Elissabat is yet another new character coming out with Frights, Camera, Action.

Neighthan Rot

A Complete List of All the Monster High Doll Characters (16)

Bonita Femur - A new character arriving with the Freaky Fusion special is Bonita Femur. She is a mixture of a moth and a skeleton. Her most distinctive feature is without a doubt her impressive wings, these are pink and black and really impressive. There is also a new doll coming out of Bonita which looks really good with her moth wings.

Neighthan Rot - Another new character coming from the Freaky Fusion line is Neighthan Rot. He was previewed at the New York Toy Fair. He is part Centaur part human, he has a little horn on his forehead and he wears a yellow cap with a hole in it that allows his horn to poke through. His doll is brightly dressed and he does look to be a very colourful character.

As you can see the cast list at Monster High is quite extensive. If there are any that we have missed feel free to add them onto the bottom of our page. There have been lots of episodes on the website and even a few TV specials brought out on Nickelodeon. The main characters that we looked at first are the ones that Mattel seem to be concentrating on and bringing out the most dolls for, although they don’t seem to mind bringing in new characters on a regular basis and also bringing out new dolls. This list should have given you a good look at the vast majority of the characters that appear in Monster High and you should now be a little more familiar with them all.

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looking thru these names we came up w Honey for our new 10 month old puppy's name... These names are not exotic nor are they reality for a werewolf name. They are all dog or wolf related and if you think about it do you name your kids something that means human? is your name something like humano? no its alex or daloris or something common for humans.. Dracula is exotic for a vampire although greatly over used... has nothing to do with vampire tho and yet it's one of the most powerful or oldest vampires out there when it comes to vampire names. come up with something better for a werewolf.. I mean geesh

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Monster High and Ever After High

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C.A. Cupid, full name Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, is the adoptive daughter of Eros, the god of love in Greek mythology. She was introduced by the end of 2011 and was part of the cast until Early 2013, at which point she transferred to Ever After High and the Ever After High franchise.

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How many Monster High dolls are there in total? ›

Over 750 different dolls have been released since its 2010 launch.

Is clawdeen LGBT? ›

Character Information

Clawdeen Wolf is a lesbian character from Monster High.

Who is the oldest Monster High character? ›

Cleo de Nile/Generation 1 | Monster High Wiki | Fandom.

What was Draculaura's real name? ›

In Back and Deader Than Ever, Dracula calls her Laura, which was a name given by her mother. Sources are contradicting in terms of Draculaura's biological mother's name, some state it is Alina while others state it's Camilla. Draculaura's full birthday is on February 14th, 412 AD.

Is clawdeen a wolf? ›

Clawdeen Wolf is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. She is a werewolf, who is a student at Monster High and who comes from a family with many children—among which Clawdia, Clawd, and Howleen. In the new reboot we are introduced to her mother, Harriet Wolf, and her little brothers.

How tall are Ever After High dolls? ›

Doll characteristics

The dolls of each group share the same body mold, ranging from 24 cm for the small female body mold, to 26 cm for the medium female body mold, to 28 cm for the tall female body mold, to 30 cm for the male body mold.

Who is clawdeen Wolf's boyfriend? ›

Raythe | Monster High Wiki | Fandom.

Is Frankie Stein LGBT? ›

Character Information

Frankie Stein is a non-binary character from Monster High.

Is Frankie from Monster High non binary? ›

'Monster High' Star Ceci Balagot Confirms Frankie Stein Is Nonbinary.

Who is Cleo de Nile dad? ›

Cleo lives with her father and older sister Nefera de Nile "in this palace that looks like a movie set with servants and all.... they're like rockstars or something. In the books, her dad's name is Ramses de Nile, and he's an antiques dealer.

How old is nefera? ›

Since her sister Cleo's age is 5,842 (6000 in the reboot, despite being a prequel) and Nefera claims to be three years older, this means that Nefera is 5,845 or 6003 years old.

Who is Cleo de Nile's sister? ›

Nefera de Nile is Cleo's older sister. Arrogant and selfish, she loves putting others down to make herself feel superior, especially her sister. Monster High: Nefera de Nile! Nefera de Nile is Cleo's older sister.

Does draculaura have a sister? ›

Fangelica. Fangelica is the adopted younger sister of Draculaura. Her doll has pink skin and purple hair with black streaks in it. She has pink wings and pointy ears coming out of the top of her head.

Who did draculaura date? ›

Draculaura is one of the main protagonists in Monster High. She is the daughter of Count Dracula and unlike other vampires she is a vegetarian. She is best friends with Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf and is the girlfriend of Clawdeen's brother, Clawd Wolf.

How old is clawdeen? ›

Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti) is the Brooklyn-accented 15-year-old daughter of a werewolf.

Is Lagoona Blue Black? ›

Lagoona has pale blue scales that cover her entire body, as well as webbed hands and fins protruding from her lower arms and legs. She has long blond curly hair that's streaked blue due to the chlorine in the school's pool, as well as freckles that dot her face and green eyes.

How old is Frankie Stein? ›

Frankie Stein is a fictional character on the television series Monster High. She is the daughter of Frankenstein. The character is voiced by Kate Higgins. Frankie is 15 days old.

Is clawdeen and Clawd twins? ›

Clawdeen Wolf is one of the main protagonists in Monster High. She is the daughter of the Werewolf and the sister of Clawd, Clawdia and Howleen Wolf.

Who is Apple White's dad? ›

Family. Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and her fairytale prince, who is now a king.

Are Raven Queen and Apple white related? ›

Apple and Raven's parents: if Raven is the daughter of the evil queen, that means she is also the daughter of Snow White's Dad, which would make them half sisters and the aunty of Apple.

Who are the parents of Ever After High? ›

In the books by Shannon Hale, Gus's mother is Gretel, and Helga's father is Hansel.

Did Cleo and clawdeen date? ›

Romance. Clawd once dated Cleo de Nile, though she later dumped him and began dating Deuce Gorgon the next day. This resulted in a longtime rivalry between Cleo and Clawdeen, until Clawd confessed to his sister that it had been a mutual breakup, and that he and Cleo hadn't truly cared for one another.

What are all the Monster High couples? ›

Here are all of the couples in Monster High Short Movies.
  • Cleuce (Cleo de Nile x Deuce Gorgon)
  • Lagil (Lagoona Blue x Gil Webber)
  • Sloulia (Ghoulia Yelps x Sloman Mortavitch)
  • Draculawd ( Clawd Wolf x Draculaura Vike ) (my fav)
  • Frankson (Frankie Stein x Jackson Jekyll)
  • Frankiholt (Frankie Stein x Holt Hyde)

Who does Frankie date in Monster High? ›

In the books, Frankie had a crush on the monster-loving normie Brett Redding, who was dating Bekka in the first book. As Brett was already taken, Frankie briefly dated DJ Hyde, but it ended in the second book after she and Brett became interested in one another.

Is Draculaura a witch? ›

She is a ghoul at Monster High and a hopeless romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve (or in this case her cheek) and is in love with her best ghoulfriend Clawdeen Wolf's brother, Clawd Wolf.

What kind of monster is Twyla? ›

Twyla is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a freshman student at Monster High and is a boogeyman, daughter of the Boogey Man, she lives in the Boogey Mansion, a manor maze in New Salem, and beginning of her first introduction as a new character, the same age as Howleen Wolf, which is 14.

What monster is ghoulia yelps? ›

Ghoulia Yelps is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. She is a zombie, younger sister of Moan'ica Yelps, and the smartest student at Monster High.

Who was haunting Draculaura? ›

Kiyomi Haunterly is the daughter of the Noppera-bō (or "Japanese faceless ghost") and a Japanese student who attends Haunted High, a school for ghosts. She appears in the TV special Haunted.

Will Monster High come back in 2022? ›

Monster High is an upcoming American CGI animated series produced by Mattel Television and based on Mattel's fashion doll franchise of the same name. In the United States, the series will premiere on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon in October 28, 2022 alongside a Monster High live-action movie.

Is clawdeen half human? ›

We get to explore this monster realm with Clawdeen Wolf (Miia Harris) - a half human, half wolf - who's transferred to Monster High for the very first time.

How old is Spectra Monster High? ›

Permeation: Spectra can go through solids. Body-Age Imprisonment: Due to Spectra being a ghost, she is trapped within the body of the age she died at, though she is 16 in monster years now.

How tall is Frankie Stein? ›

According to the webisode Department of Monster Vehicles in volume 3, she is 5 ft. 7 in. in height.

How old is toralei? ›

Parents:Daughter of the werecat
Age:15, but I'm still on the first of my nine lives
Favourite food:Milkshakes and anchovies — separately not mixed together
Favourite activity:Either taking a catnap or waking up from one and going right back to sleep

Is Nefera de Nile older than Cleo? ›

I was especially interested in Nefera de Nile because she has a different body than the others. She is the older (and taller) sister of Cleo de Nile, and so is another daughter of The Mummy.

Is nefera older than Cleo? ›

Starting in season two Cleo starts to make friends and also respect other students at school, including Ghoulia. Her behavior can be justified by her older sister Nefera de Nile, who is much more rude, snobbish, selfish and cheating than Cleo, in addition to not having any friendships.

What happened to Cleo's mom in Monster High? ›

Separated from the rest of her family, Dedyet found herself inside a tomb, waiting for word of her family's safety. With nothing else to do, she took to reading books from the adjoining library.

Who is the villain in Monster High boo York? ›

Nefera de Nile | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

Is Cupid from Monster High or ever after high? ›

As of 2014, Cupid no longer is a student at Monster High but has enrolled at Ever After High.

Are Monster High dolls coming back in 2022? ›

Monster High franchise is coming back fully in 2022! With new animated series and live-action musical movie, that will hit Nickelodeon in 2022.

Is Monster High coming back in 2022? ›

Monster High is an upcoming American CGI animated series produced by Mattel Television and based on Mattel's fashion doll franchise of the same name. In the United States, the series will premiere on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon in October 28, 2022 alongside a Monster High live-action movie.

How many draculaura dolls are there? ›

Here on this page you'll find an overview of all Monster High Draculaura Dolls, with a total of 92 releases.

Did Netflix remove Monster High? ›

Recent signers. A little over a year ago Netflix removed all of the classic Monster High movies from their platform and I, as well as others, were upset. This needs to change.

When did Monster High stop? ›

For those of you who aren't familiar with these dolls, Monster High was a line of fashion dolls produced by Mattel from 2010 to its cancellation around 2017.

Is Monster High Disney? ›

Monster High is a franchise owned, developed, and promoted by Mattel. The franchise is a milestone in the company's history, being one of the relative few franchises Mattel owns fully, and the first created to be a multimedia franchise from the get-go.

Who is Cleo de Nile's mom? ›

Dedyet de Nile is a mummy, the wife of Ramses de Nile, and the mother of Cleo and Nefera de Nile. She appears in the Monster High Diaries book Cleo de Nile and the Creeperific Mummy Makeover.

What kind of monster is Twyla? ›

Twyla is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a freshman student at Monster High and is a boogeyman, daughter of the Boogey Man, she lives in the Boogey Mansion, a manor maze in New Salem, and beginning of her first introduction as a new character, the same age as Howleen Wolf, which is 14.

Are Monster High dolls still being made? ›

Monster High coming back in 2022 with live action movie, animated series, collector dolls and reproduction of Creeproduction of basic dolls. In the first wave, we will see new release of Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein. Dolls been seen in Walmart Canada stores. And up in Walmart Canada.

Is Ever After high Cancelled? ›

So, incase you do not know, Ever After High is a cartoon series about children of famous fairytale characters like Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and yeah. These children go to a school, called Ever After High, and you should just go watch it, because its awsome. However. It was CANCELLED.

What happened to Monster High dolls? ›

Mattel's Monster High fashion doll franchise officially shut down in 2018, and if you have been missing it ever since, Friday the 13th for May 2022 is going to be your lucky day. Mattel announced the return of Monster High last year, a reboot that will include a new animated series and live-action movie on Nickelodeon.

What happened to the old Monster High Website? ›

Much older content on the US-American website was removed during this change, mostly because it was not relevant anymore. The games Make a Monster High Album & Activity Book, Bookmark Maker, and Decorate Your Monster High Locker were removed as were the sections Explore Monster High and Athletics.

How many dolls does Frankie Stein have? ›

Frankie Stein was trademarked on October 23rd, 2007 and her first doll came out in Early July, 2010. As of January 1st, 2015, her doll number totals 34 and makes up 10.00% of the entire Monster High doll collection.

How old is draculaura? ›

Draculaura is the 1600 year old daughter of Count Dracula. Draculaura is a vegan vampire and doesn't like blood or even saying the word blood.

When did Elissabat doll come out? ›

Elissabat was trademarked on January 18th, 2013 and her first doll came out in Mid November, 2013. As of January 1st, 2021, her doll number totals 5 and makes up 1.18% of the entire Monster High doll collection. Other merchandise of her is not yet available.


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