Best Running Man Episodes - 15 Funniest and Craziest (2023)

For a variety show that goes beyond being unpredictable to spew a good dose of comedy and feature celebrity guests now and then, it is not hard to see why this South Korean series has been thriving since it first aired in July 2010. Running Man practically revolves around playing games in landmarks across the country; it has received no fewer than 56 awards and the following are the best Running Man episodes to watch.

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Best Running Man Episodes Worth Rewatching

1.The Usual Suspects a.k.a Yoomes Bond ( Special Series Episode 38)

This episode sees Yoomes Bond (Yoo Jae-suk) go up against other RM members, armed with a water gun. He gives everything to the role and makes the audience fall so much more in love with him. There are so many hilarious moments you’d be hooked from start to finish.


2. Superpower Baseball (Episode 119)

Watch two RM teams compete against each other in mini-games including a refreshing game of baseball. They put their twist on the spot to make it even more entertaining than the regular game, and all the members of the cast brought their comedic A-game.

3. Snake Race (Episode 127)

Set in Jangsado Sea Park, this episode follows two teams, one of which has been charged with killing a snake, and the other must save it. It also features a very intense nametag-tearing battle that leaves Kim Jong Kook to contend with the realization that Jung Yong Hwa was his match in both brawn and smarts. It’s one of the best Running Man episodes you’ll ever watch.

4. War of the Gods (Episode 100)

Running Man members and Hermes battle for a chance to achieve god status, then against one another to see who is the most powerful god of them all. The ridiculous costumes and storylines make this episode one of a kind.

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5. Joker’s House (Episode 473)

This episode starts with the cast being tasked with planning their entire day indoors, but that plan is thrown out the window when a virus outbreak begins spreading. To survive, the cast must undertake missions outside to gain access to food and ferret out the bio-terrorist hiding amongst them.

6. 9 Years of Running Man, Spy Game (Episode 468)

Featuring a surprise performance by one of the hottest K-pop bands in the industry, this is without a doubt one of the best Running Man episodes to grace television. Viewers are regaled with individual and group showcases by members of the cast, along with behind-the-scenes details of how it all came together.

7. Siwon World Cup Stadium 1 (Episode 2)

Although this is one of the earliest episodes of the show, it remains one of the most entertaining. It guest stars Goo Hara, Song Ji-Hyo, and Lee Chun Lee alongside the cast, all of whom make their way through the stadium in search of golden pigs. These hidden items hold varying amounts of coins, and the team with the highest number at the end of the game gets crowned the winner.

(Video) [RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 15-1] | Jungki KISSES Jihyo ?!?! ◟( ˘ ³˘)◞ ♡ (ENG SUB)

8. Members Week 2 – Kim Jong-kook (Episode 334)

The participants are on a quest to find love for Jong-kook. They set him up on a blind date with a mystery woman and let cupid do its thing. It’s one of the more emotional and romantic episodes of the show.

9. 12 Years Older Intern (Episode 287)

Each member of the cast is assigned interns which they all erroneously believe will be on the younger side of the age scale. However, they end up with interns who are way older than them, leading to awkward and hilarious encounters. The older guests were witty and brought a new edge to the beloved show.

10. Incheon Landing (Episode 115)

There are so many moments that make this one of the best Running Man episodes. All the games are entertaining and funny, and the cast does a wonderful job of fleshing out their characters. Kwangsoo betrays the guest stars, TVXQ, and they find it very hard to forgive him. It’s an episode that’s too good to miss.

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11. Grasshopper Hunting (Episode 69)

This episode is all about revenge and instilling terror. The members of Running Man are being held hostage by Choi Min Soo, so it’s up to Jae Suk to perform adequately the tasks he’s assigned and save them. The episode gets intense and scary but in a feel-good way.

12. Humans vs. Zombies (Episode 98)

When a zombie outbreak occurs, the participants are placed on lockdown, but things go awry, leading to a showdown between humans and the walking dead. This episode was the show’s first attempt at horror. It was so tastefully done that you sometimes forget you’re watching a game show, not a movie.

13. Beauty and the Beast (Episode 103)

Once again, the writers of the show put a refreshing spin on a classic tale, and the result is one of the best Running Man episodes in the show’s history. Watching the members as they struggle to carry their beauties and prevent their feet from touching the ground as stipulated by the rules will leave you in stitches.

(Video) Ep 92: Juice & Pedialyte

14. Couple Race (Episode 63)

It was this episode that marked a turning point in the role female guests played on the show. In the past, they were just there to look pretty. For the first time, they pulled their weight in the games and delivered on the comedic front as well, and it made a spectacular viewing!

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15. Running Man Hunter…The Final Hunt (Episode 118)

Watching Choi Min Soo scare the crap out of the cast members is always a delight. His menacing antics always give you a reason to explode with laughter. In this Running Man episode, his mission is to punish the cast for every wrongdoing they have done to him in the past.

5 Worst Running Man Episodes

1. Uneasy Sisters: My Little Old Brother (Episode 540)

this episode was released on January 31, 2021. It starred Lee Kwang-soo, Song Jihyo, and Yoo Jae-suk. This episode has been rated as one of the worst because it received zero votes.

(Video) guys I messed up... The Expanse | 2x1 Re-watch | 2x2 Reaction | Safe | Doors and Corners

2. Mystery Mountain Cabin & 7 Detectives( Episode 286)

This episode starred guests like Yeom Dong Heon, Kim Ga-Yean at the national tourist cabins for a mission. the mission was to find clues about the culprit that stole the necklace and murdered the guard and the housekeeper.

3. Running Man Autumn Sports Day (Episode 322)

The mission for the guests Kang Min-Kyung, Park Misun, Son Yeon-Jae was to defeat the other team.

4. King of the Booking Race(Episode 345)

Sandra Park, Han Jae-suk, and Yoon Back were welcomed by the other members. they compete among themselves to become the final team standing. The plan for all the teams was to win the final prize.

5. Kwang-Soo Strikes Back (Episode 309)

This episode had just 8 votes. Myongji College’s mission was to defeat the other team.


What is the highest rated episode of Running Man? ›

The Best 'Running Man' Episodes- Part 2
  1. So Min and Se Chan's First Day (Episode 346) ...
  2. The Se Chan Suprise (Episode 349) ...
  3. Find the Scene Stealer Couple- Running University MT (Episode 364) ...
  4. The Tiger Moth Penalty Tour (Episode 370-371) ...
  5. Christmas Miracle- Christmas Nightmare (Episode 382)
9 May 2022

Is everything scripted in Running Man? ›

They don't script every single word they say, but they know the members, know the games, and can predict how they will behave. They would likely build games, expecting certain reactions that they know the audience has found entertaining before. It isn't just a group of people, showing up, and having a laugh.

Is Running Man ending 2020? ›

List of episodes
YearEpisodesOriginally aired
Last aired
202052December 27, 2020
202150December 26, 2021
10 more rows

Who wins the most in Running Man? ›

Win Count
MemberTotal WinRunners Up
3 more rows
10 Aug 2022


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