Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (2023)

This traditional running shoe provides exceptional support and comfort, great durability, and a predictable running shoe fit

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (1)

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (2)

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Pros:Stable, comfortable, durable, responsive, well-constructed

Cons:Slightly heavy, might feel too rigid to some


By Ally Arcuri ⋅ Review Editor ⋅ Jul 22, 2022

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#4 of 12

  • Responsiveness - 25%7.0

  • Landing Comfort/Cushioning - 25%8.0

  • Stability - 20%8.0

  • Upper Comfort - 15%8.0

  • Weight - 15%5.0

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Our Verdict

The Brooks Ghost 14 continues to be one of our favorite smooth-riding, well-cushioned, traditionally-shaped road running shoes. This is why we are calling it our Top Pick for a Traditional Running shoe. The DNA Loft and Segmented Crash Pad technologies come together underfoot for a comfortable yet supportive landing. When combined with the engineered mesh upper that seamlessly conforms to your unique foot shape and traditional road running shoe style, the Ghost is ideal for everything from long, slow slogs and quick neighborhood jaunts. Look no further if you are on the hunt for a versatile and durable road running shoe.

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ProsStable, comfortable, durable, responsive, well-constructedWell-cushioned, protective, available in multiple width options, stable, supportiveLightweight, comfortable, affordable, responsiveGreat landing comfort, wide toe box, responsive, soft upper comfort, eco-friendly designComfortable, beveled heel adds security, stable, lightweight, well-cushioned
ConsSlightly heavy, might feel too rigid to someHeavier than some, new heel cup design might not suit everyone, support structures might feel too rigid for some runnersLess laterally stable, somewhat narrow fitSlightly heavyUnique shape might not suit all runners
Bottom LineThis traditional running shoe provides exceptional support and comfort, great durability, and a predictable running shoe fitThis all-around fantastic shoe will support your musculature and provide comfort no matter the distance of your endeavorsThis lightweight and responsive shoe is our go-to for faster-paced runs where we crave the sensation of flyingIf you want a neutrally-supportive, super smooth, and comfortable running shoe with plenty of toe box space, this is the shoe for youThis comfortable and relatively responsive shoe is surprisingly lightweight and fast for being so well-cushioned
Rating CategoriesBrooks Ghost 14 - W...Brooks Adrenaline G...Saucony Kinvara 13...New Balance Fresh F...Hoka One One Mach 4...
Responsiveness (25%)




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Landing Comfort/Cushioning (25%)





Stability (20%)





(Video) Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 14


Upper Comfort (15%)






Weight (15%)






SpecsBrooks Ghost 14 - W...Brooks Adrenaline G...Saucony Kinvara 13...New Balance Fresh F...Hoka One One Mach 4...
Weight (per shoe, size 7)221 g | 7.79 oz230 g | 8.11 oz166 g | 5.86 oz236 g | 8.32 oz187 g | 6.60 oz
Heel to Toe Drop12 mm12 mm4 mm8 mm5 mm
Width OptionsRegular, Wide, narrowNarrow, Regular, Wide, Extra WideRegular, WideNarrow, Regular, Wide, Extra WideRegular
StyleTraditionalModerate cushionedNeutralMaximalNeutral
Sizes Available5-135-135-125-135-11
Upper MaterialEngineered meshMeshEngineered meshSynthetic meshEngineered mesh
Midsole MaterialDNA loft, BioMoGo DNAEVAEVAFresh Foam XPROFLY foam
Sole RubberRubberRubberRubberRubberRubberized EVA

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Brooks Ghost 14 has consistently been one of our top contenders when it comes to road running shoes. Brooks continues to reconfigure the midsole, outsole, and overall structure to create a user-friendly, versatile, and durable running shoe that can serve runners of all shapes, sizes, and goals. If you are looking for a sole with supportive yet plush underfoot cushioning, lateral support to help keep you running strong, and strong durability, our Top Pick for a Traditionally-Shaped Running Shoe might be your perfect match.

Performance Comparison

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (12)


We love how Brooks marries responsiveness with their comfortable, traditional, 12-millimeter drop running shoe features. The Ghost 14 is a great choice if you want a responsive shoe that is suitable for long-distance training.

The midsole of the Ghost 14 doesn't provide the same type of energy return as other shoes that are built for speed and responsiveness. It might not be the shoe for you if you are looking for something that allows you to feel like you are being propelled from one step to the next. But if you are looking for a shoe that provides support and a traditional shape and style that doesn't hinder your speed, the Ghost is a great way to go. While not the bounciest shoe on the market, it offers a smooth ride and plenty of support and protection without slowing you down.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (13)

Landing Comfort/Cushioning

The Brooks Ghost 14 is one of the more comfortable road running shoes that we have had the pleasure of testing. This time around, Brooks really upped the ante when it comes to landing comfort and we are here for it.

By no means a maximalist-style shoe, the Ghost comes stacked with a DNA Loft midsole with some Segmented Crash Pad added in for extra comfort. The entirety of the shoe is loaded with enough cushioning to be comfortable, but so much to make the shoe feel cumbersome or too soft.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (14)

Since the Ghost 14 has a traditional running shoe shape, the sole is versatile and wide enough to be comfortable. We have noticed that some shoes are being built upon slightly narrower platforms, which can lead to the sensation of the edges of your feet spilling over the outsole edges. We are happy to report that this is not the case when it comes to the Ghost. Brooks offers narrow and wide options, in addition to standard width, to help ensure that your launch pad serves your unique shape and size.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (15)


The Brooks Ghost has continuously been one of our favorite shoes when it comes to its understated stability, and this incarnation is no exception. The Ghost 14 scored among the top shoes we tested in this metric, further confirming its lofty spot on our list of runners.

The upper engineered mesh of the Ghost is strong yet flexible enough to adapt to the shape of your feet. Laterally, the multiple layers of mesh provide strong support, though it feels neutral while you move. Unlike other runners, the Ghost doesn't rely on mesh alone for its support. There are soft bilateral structures nestled into the body of the shoe for added support. We felt the effects of these while running, but they did not change the comfort and fit of the shoe. This support system is most obvious when you squeeze the body of the shoe inward with your hand.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (16)

If your gait is a bit off or you have the tendency to overpronate, it isn't unheard of for your shoes to eventually relent and provide very little support. This is not the case in the Ghost. The upper material conforms to your feet, and the gentle reinforcements within the mesh prevent you from blowing out the mesh even if your gait isn't perfect. Even if you are not a runner, the Ghost offers great lateral support for walkers looking to improve upon their gait and movement patterns. If you are looking for a shoe that offers more structural stability, we recommend the Ghost's cousin, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 since it includes a burlier structure for lateral support.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (17)

Upper Comfort

We love the upper comfort and fit of a traditional running shoe and the Ghost 14 does not disappoint. The engineered mesh and DNA elements make for a customized fit and the soft accessories create 360-degree comfort.

The tongue is plush and comfortable and is adhered to the shoe body in such a way as to never wrinkle or bug while on long runs. Even when we tightened up the laces, we never felt like the lace bed was cutting into our swelling feet - a feature that we are incredibly particular about. The heel cup is rigid enough to be supportive but stuffed with enough cushion to feel comfortable even after long days on the road. As is typically the case, the extra eyelet offers the option to tighten up the fit. The ample cushioning makes for a snug and comfortable fit, two elements that are crucial if your training takes you into high mileage. Because Brooks offers three width options for the Ghost, we are confident that you'll find a fit that provides as much upper comfort as we did.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (18)


Unsurprisingly, the Brooks Ghost 14 weighed in in the middle of the pack. The shape and weight distribution make for a comfortable shoe, even though each women's size 7 shoe weighs 7.79 ounces. We don't view this number as a make-it or break-it kind of weight though.

At just under 8 ounces per shoe, the Ghost 14 is average in this regard. When we consider how much stability and comfort is provided, the weight actually seems super reasonable. If you are looking for an ultralight shoe, you might not love the feeling of the Ghost. But if you want a traditionally-shaped running shoe with a comfortable profile, you won't find the weight to be an issue. Overall, the comfort and fit of this shoe are worth every ounce.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (19)


While the price of the Ghost 14 is pretty average in today's market, the value is not. For what you get, this shoe is a great value. From its durability to its stability and comfort, the Ghost is worth every penny. If you are looking for a well-designed and traditional shoe that can do it all, look no further than the Ghost 14.

Brooks Ghost 14 - Women's Review (20)


If you are looking for a comfortable and traditional running shoe, we think you will share our love for the Brooks Ghost 14. This durable shoe has been with us through our testing regimen, through marathon training days, and so much more. The lateral stability is strong enough to be incredibly stable but in a super comfortable way. If long, comfortable road runs are your jam, we think that the Ghost might be the perfect shoe for you.

Ally Arcuri


Does the Brooks Ghost 14 run small? ›

Sam: Brooks first carbon neutral run shoe. Sam: Minor sizing issues: may run half size small for somewhat wide feet, true to size for narrow feet.

Is the Brooks Ghost 14 good for walking? ›

The Brooks Ghost 14 sneaker is designed for both walking and running, making it the most versatile pick for active days. It comes in sizes 5 through 13, three widths (narrow, medium wide), and 32 colors. It was also one of the most supportive shoes I tested, while still being lightweight.

Are Brooks Ghost 14 good for standing all day? ›

Nurses, teachers, and warehouse workers all agree that the Brooks Ghost 14 Sneakers are the best option for spending an entire day standing and walking around.

Do you size up for Brooks Ghost? ›

The Brooks Ghost 13 runs true to size. But like most Brooks shoes, the upper is roomy and so runners with super skinny feet might find a little bit of movement happening through the toe box.

Can I wear Brooks Ghost for walking? ›

The Ghost is Brooks' flagship running shoe and one of the best running shoes in the U.S. because of its comfortable fit, soft feel and reliable performance. The Brooks Ghost 13 is suitable for both walkers and runners and is for distances from a 5k to a marathon.

Does Brooks Ghost 14 have a wide toe box? ›

Brooks Ghost 14 Fit:

It fits many different feet from the standard width, someone with bunions or someone who needs a wide. Bunions are a more common issue for women, but the Ghost has a wide toe box to accommodate bunions but a narrow heel, so you won't have heel slippage either.


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