GOSPEL PLAYLIST ⚡The American Gospel Songs ⚡Tasha Cobbs, Cece Winans, Sinach (2023)

GOSPEL PLAYLIST ⚡The American Gospel Songs ⚡Tasha Cobbs, Cece Winans, Sinach (1)

GOSPEL PLAYLIST ⚡The American Gospel Songs ⚡Tasha Cobbs, Cece Winans, Sinach #gospelmusic #gospelplaylist …


  1. God you could do all things. You never lost a battle. Thank God for your Grace and Mercy Hallelujah Jesus 🙌 . You could do all things but fail.


  2. Gloryyyyyyyy Hallelujah for these powerful women of God. Lord help me to find favor in your sight 🙏 🙌.


  3. Great is your Mercy towards me and my family you always provided for us. I love you Lord❤


  4. May God protect my family and favour upon my family in Jesus name 🙏


  5. Blessed 🙏 good morning everyone have a wonderful day in the Lord 🙏❤


  6. Thank you Jesus 🤗All we new is you🙏🏿


    (Video) Cece Winans, Tasha Cobbs, Sinach 🙏 Best Gospel Mix 🎵 Praise & Worship Songs
  7. Amen🙏


  8. The blood covers me and my blood line . In Jesus name amen, to GOD be the GLORY Amen


  9. Covered my grand childrens and my daughter lord she need you Lord


  10. Cover me nd my family under ur precious blood. Luv this song God knows my name.❤❤


  11. Ameeennnn


  12. Thank you Lord for your love infinity


  13. Talk to God'' not who peoples blamimg not blaming others person ? Only jesus is your Salvastion all peoples not your person you are have faith to God's jesus good in all life Godknows all? Your person big mistake life from God's only person answers mistake sins to God's? You are proclaimming not who people jesus blaming stop who you are person? Jesus called you are clean your man? Jesus Said? Renind all not your self you big sins) the man? Not surender your self? Person stop blaming about person hate jesus in all about proplaimming have faith jesus blaiming all person?Question to Your God?s not about who you are? Godknows all life? Not hold your life you man?have good work to serve in God's no sins)) behind in heart jesus opened your sins? Iooking all person? Not liked your God's bring your sins)) not surender to God's you are prede stop not good your self surender you jesus called your self not hear to God' doun your hall life to God? All peopled about lbaming stop? God's in your Salvsation not person? Are you hear voice from God's not you have salvastion God's God's knows have breath? Not you who you are sorry in no good mindset opened your heart to God? Not closed all eyes what do you see person only God' knows friend of God' who you are now not Blaiming your self your person not your salvastio??? Stoo cruel about child of God's the salvastion only God's not other blaming person personal your man???? Not yours life? Be care full child of God' one by one face to face your sekf to love God's❤❤❤❤

    (Video) Greatest Favorite Gospel Music 2023 - CeCe Winans, Goodness Of God, Tasha Cobbs, Fill Me Up, Sinach


  14. Man l share you not hold person about your life? Who your from God not shay all peoples blaiming about succeiss all person you are revial bad spirit in darkness life? Jesus Questio in your life? All person not joined your big sins many mistaked from your God's ?? Share all person from God's are petty life have sins you man revial your bad spirit from devil not joined person? No no only have big sins) life your man? Petty all person give you sins from old man? Not your salvastion? Iioking for God knows about sins you man no good looking jesus who are your revial life? Jesus many Quedtion about sins))) jesus looke for you what happened not peoples revial your self?❤❤❤


  15. All peoples give your self forgiveness to your love God?


  16. Not work good? Not joined about person revial your self from demon no good good? Your hall life old man surender your hall body part yor body have big sinnier from God's judges your self who your from God's are clean your body clean all not thirty your self remind you now? Your self blaiming jesus answer you now not person judgesmental other person, you are mistake? Share your big Sins)) to your God's joined your self baf not couples bug sinnier from God's stop person not God's not hate your heart person who your bad minfset opened you mindset ? Now ate closed about your sre succies bad spirit the life old mam? Jesus talk all not joined have bad spirit only God in mind? Not all?? Becarefull christian not judge other hearnyou now here you voice from God? Not put in your mined now not your your life be slow no good are petty in your life joined you no good? Iooking all no good spirit fighting good spirit all succiess looking for no good person jesus Answer??????? In all be carefull your self not bring bad mindset big sins ) to God's ? Jesus share all child of God' perfect follower from God'have control your mindset have promised bring your from God's in the heaven??? Not good follower God's knows whst jesus in all have lives life now? All prrson ask one by one your love God's ask you again now have book of life from God's in heaven? Your book have name who your are jesus write your name? Prayer the good relastion from God' share you about name in the book of life?you are petty no name? How many yrs christian have 7-8-10-15-12-14-16-20- 22-25-5-4- 7)))yers why not control your self? Not liked jesus over your mindeset not control your self' be carefull born again christian put in your mindset not not over are joy? Not life over qustes not perfect not proud your selt you are dislike from God's remind who you are over over disliked?😮😮


  17. Not excused from God's no good looikng others peoples not over quares you are give no good all person looking not good not proud your over your self we have God? Hear you no control your self


  18. You are new christian all secret from God's ne not keep sins dusliked not good attedude hear you now give prayet faith heart have love each ithers not lonely worker from God,'s not resfect no control ? Resive mistake from Holy.salvastion? From God'd who you are to God's (( change brandnew life perfect born again not hate your self?Blaiming your self who your from God's God' put in your hear perfectnin your heart have bad works Gods dislike? No good? Jesus not give exuses who your proud you good have resfect good attedute have bow?❤❤❤


  19. Havenprsonal prsyer surender your self be liked other? Jesus said? Walk by faithfullnes not by sight? Suesu said one by one not judgesmental? ❤❤


  20. Jesys Said love one anothers not your self only, be control pray yoyr self give your self holyness from God's? Perfect work from God's now one time jesus remind all


    (Video) Best Gospel Mix Playlist 2023 🎵Listen To Gospel Singers: Cece Winans , Donnie Mcclurkin - Gospel Mix

  21. Not happy resive no good in my life worker from God's melody not good singer from God' out yiur self not good loking good out in your church srlax mindset good work find jesus?


  22. Out ove r many.mistaked from God's jesus said out bring sins other person not good job?


  23. Share you again? About host liked all no perfect bring no good song from God? Remind all host in victory not excuses sinier bring work from God's no rejected your srlf not holy jesus find holy many peoples looking no liked your self? Finised share from God? About you man have no good hestory? About revial life about man big sinier? Surender all hall life you man not judges other only your life shy to your God,'s about your self? In my memorie joined not good? What happened now many Question about your srlf haha you big sins)) to holy God? Not excuses have sins?looke jesus petty about sinns many peoples jesus sactrifice all have life? Jesus us petty God's😢❤❤❤ 1:50:13


  24. Jesus love all in one have faith heart🙏🙏🙏💋🌟💋❤️❤️🧎🧎🧎🌹🌹🌹✌️


  25. love you all have mistaked life God knows God who you are in your life? Have mistakebin self resive God joy ?🙏🙏🌟🌟💋❤️🧎🌹✌️❤❤❤


  26. Hello sorry mistaked remind jesu be perfevt heart perfevt good have resfect others bye bye blessed day🙏🙏🙏🌟💋❤️✌️🌹🧎🧎🌹🌹💕


  27. This day jesis guide you where yo go? All driver your car be carefull 🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟❤️✌️🌹💕❤❤❤


  28. 🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟💋💃


    (Video) ⚡ NEW 2023 🎧 Listen to Cece Winans Gospel Songs ✔ Goodness Of God by Cece Winans
  29. Thanks Jesus😊😊 13:08


  30. I love u Jesus thank you for keeping me and my family safe glory to your name Father God. Thank you for all you have done Jesus in my life, I will forever be great full to you amen.🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰❤️


  31. Thank you for ur grace and mercy on my life Jesus! All my life u have been faithful God to all of Us.🙏🙏🙏🤲🤲🥰


  32. Please does anyone know what the song 🎶 is at 1:28:06


  33. Thank you Jesus


  34. God bless my family and marriage


  35. It is amazing how, one could be going through a difficult time but when you turn that gospel music on, you feel the healing coming through already. He is our honourable and faithful God, he is our protector and our healer. Your mercy and grace are incompatible. Thanks ladies for your beautiful gospel songs, may the good Lord bless you for touching our hearts with your gospel songs.


    (Video) 30 Best Songs Of CECE WINANS 🎹 Cece Winans Greatest Hits Full Albums | Top Gospel Songs



Does Spotify have gospel songs? ›

Gospel Music Unlimited | Spotify.

Who has new gospel music out? ›

New Gospel Releases
  • Gospel Singer Kelontae Gavin Releases New Single “Good Love” feat. ...
  • The Mississippi Mass Choir Releases New Single “The Promise” | LISTEN! ...
  • Gospel Ensemble Ron Bell and CM3 Release New Single “He's Making Room” | LISTEN! ...
  • Kirk Franklin Releases New Single “All Things” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Where is the gospel music? ›

It originates from the Southeastern United States ("the South"), where most Black Americans lived prior to the Great Migration. This music was highly influenced by the hymnody of the spirituals and of Watts and, later, the musical style and vision of Dorsey.

What is the movie about a famous gospel song? ›

I Can Only Imagine is a 2018 American Christian biographical drama film directed by the Erwin Brothers and written by Alex Cramer, Jon Erwin, and Brent McCorkle, based on the story behind the group MercyMe's song of the same name, the best-selling Christian single of all time.

Where can I download gospel music for free? ›

Where to Download Free Gospel Music
  • Vineyard Songs has a free music download of the month as well as streaming music in the Praise and Worship subgenre of Gospel, with artists such as Jesse Meyer and Samuel Yoder. ...
  • Godly Christian Music offers over 1,800 free mp3 files.

Are the songs on Spotify free? ›

Play millions of songs and podcasts, for free.

Who sings best gospel? ›

These 35 best gospel singers of all time were instrumental in the development of the genre and are still popular to this day!
  • Mahalia Jackson. ...
  • Andraé Crouch. ...
  • BeBe and CeCe Winans. ...
  • James Cleveland. ...
  • Marvin Sapp. ...
  • Johnny Cash. ...
  • Marvin Winans. ...
  • Israel Houghton.
Jan 27, 2023

Which gospel musician died recently? ›

This was followed by the sudden death of Sammie Okposo, who reportedly died of heart related disease on Friday, 25th November 2022. The 'Wellu Wellu' singer was said to have died in his sleep at his home on Friday morning.

Which gospel singer turned pop? ›

Amy Lee Grant (born November 25, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. She began in contemporary Christian music (CCM) before crossing over to pop music in the 1980s and 1990s. She has been referred to as "The Queen of Christian Pop".

Who was the first black gospel singer? ›

The first black gospel singer was Thomas Dorsey. Thomas Dorsey was born in 1899 in Villa Rica, Georgia. His father, Frank Dorsey, was a Baptist minister, and his mother, Nettie, was a piano teacher. Dorsey's first exposure to music was singing in his father's church choir.

Are there any white gospel singers? ›

To distinguish it from Black Gospel, it is often called Southern Gospel or Country Gospel. Some popular white gospel singers are George Beverly Shea and Homer Rodeheaver. Recently, White Gospel has experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to Gloria and Bill Gaither's successful “Homecoming” video series.

What religion is gospel music? ›

Gospel music is a style of Christian music that has both inspired and drawn from popular music traditions. By definition, gospel music can derive from any number of ethnic styles and religious traditions, but in practice, Black American gospel music dominates the genre.

What is the oldest gospel song? ›

The Oxyrhynchus hymn (or P. Oxy. XV 1786) is the earliest known manuscript of a Christian Greek hymn to contain both lyrics and musical notation.

Who wrote the most gospel songs? ›

Frances Jane van Alstyne (née Crosby; March 24, 1820 – February 12, 1915), more commonly known as Fanny J. Crosby, was an American mission worker, poet, lyricist, and composer. She was a prolific hymnist, writing more than 8,000 hymns and gospel songs, with more than 100 million copies printed.

What is the movie about a black female gospel singer? ›

The story of the New Orleans-born crooner who began singing at an early age and went on to become one of the most revered gospel figures in U.S. history, melding her music with the civil rig...

Is there a free music site? ›


It is true though, for those looking to simply listen to and enjoy music for free online, SoundCloud is one of the best platforms out there. It's backed by a huge community of musicians and beat makers looking to share their recent projects and be a part of different communities and groups.

Does Spotify cost money? ›

First, there is the Spotify Premium Individual subscription, which is $9.99/month. This allows access to all the Premium features such as no ad interruptions, on-demand playback, and downloading tracks for offline listening.

Who is the greatest female gospel singer? ›

Let's look at some of the greatest and most famous female gospel singers that have shaped and continue to shape the genre today.
  • Mahalia Jackson.
  • Tamela Mann.
  • CeCe Winans.
  • Vickie Winans.
  • Shirley Caesar.
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • Dionne Warwick.
  • Yolanda Adams.

Who is the best male gospel singer of all time? ›

15 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Male Gospel Singers Of All...
  • Kirk Franklin.
  • Jonathan McReynolds.
  • Donnie McClurkin.
  • Marvin Sapp.
  • Israel Houghton.
  • Fred Hammond.
  • Sam Cooke.
  • BeBe Winans.
May 25, 2022

Who is the most famous black gospel singer? ›

Aretha Franklin

The soul singer is credited as being one of the leading performers who brought gospel music into the mainstream.

Who is the oldest gospel singer still alive? ›

Shirley Caesar
Years active1951–present
LabelsArtemis Gospel Light Records
7 more rows

Which singer killed recently? ›

Indian singer and politician Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, popularly known as “Sidhu Moose Wala”, was shot dead in Punjab on Sunday.

Which female gospel singer died recently? ›

The famous Nigerian gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, is dead. The singer, who shot into the limelight with the hit, “Ekwueme”, which she sang alongside Prospa Ochimana, died on Friday night in an Abuja hospital. Her family has not stated the cause of her death.

Who has sold the most gospel records ever? ›

Kirk Franklin (born 1970)

By merging hip-hop with gospel, Kirk Franklin has created some controversy on his way to becoming perhaps the best-selling gospel artist of all time, with more than 13 million album sales.

Who is known as Queen of the Gospel Singers? ›

Mahalia Jackson, (born October 26, 1911, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.—died January 27, 1972, Evergreen Park, near Chicago, Illinois), American gospel music singer, known as the “Queen of Gospel Song.” Jackson was brought up in a strict religious atmosphere.

Which singer is known as the vocal Bible? ›

A deep admiration for Brandy Norwood. She's been called your favorite singer's, favorite singer. The artist known as the "Vocal Bible", is both a Grammy winner and television star. Brandy has had many highs in her career and was the "It" girl in the '90s and early 2000s.

Who is the mother of gospel? ›

Sallie Martin (November 20, 1895 – June 18, 1988) was an American gospel singer referred to as the "Mother of Gospel" for her efforts to popularize the songs of Thomas A. Dorsey and her influence on other artists. Pittfield, Georgia, U.S. Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Who is the richest gospel singer in the United States? ›

John P. Kee is the world's wealthiest gospel musician, and he is also known as John Prince (John Peekee) Tamela Mann, who has a net worth estimated to be $3 million.

Who was the first black singer in history? ›

Earliest Black Recording Artists

In 1890 George W. Johnson became the first African American to record commercially. A common story is that Johnson, a former slave, was discovered singing on the streets of Washington, D.C., by Berliner recording agent Fred Gaisberg.

Who is the rose of gospel music? ›

Dorinda Clark-Cole

Who was the first famous gospel singer? ›

Mahalia Jackson was gospel music's first superstar, a powerful vocal talent who with her recordings and performances dominated the gospel genre in the 1950s and 1960's, long before the word “superstar” became vogue. She was a major crossover success whose popularity extended across racial divides.

Who is the youngest gospel singer in the world? ›

Who Is The Youngest Gospel Singer? Janessa Smith, the youngest Christian Billboard chart-topper at age 11, is 11 years old. We can glorifying God while expressing our soul through the power of gospel music.

Who is considered as the queen of soul? ›

The National Museum of African American History and Culture mourns the passing of Aretha Franklin, the "Queen of Soul." Her voice, one of the most captivating of her generation, was unrivaled and changed the landscape of American music.

Who is considered the father of gospel music? ›

Thomas Dorsey, the Father of Gospel Music Thomas Dorsey combined sacred and secular styles to create a revolution in music.

What is black church music called? ›

African American Gospel music is a form of euphoric, rhythmic, spiritual music rooted in the solo and responsive church singing of the African American South. Its development coincided with -- and is germane to -- the development of rhythm and blues.

What is the oldest song still sung today? ›

The Hurrian Hymn was discovered in the 1950s on a clay tablet inscribed with Cuneiform text. It's the oldest surviving melody and is over 3,400 years old. The hymn was discovered on a clay tablet in Ugarit, now part of modern-day Syria, and is dedicated the Hurrians' goddess of the orchards Nikkal.

What's the most popular song in the world? ›

"Blinding Lights" by the Weeknd is the most-streamed song on Spotify, with over 3.5 billion streams.

What is the Bible first song? ›

There are nearly 200 songs found in the Bible. The first song that appears is the Song of Moses in Exodus 15.

Who has the longest gospel? ›

Luke is the longest of the four gospels and the longest book in the New Testament; together with Acts of the Apostles it makes up a two-volume work from the same author, called Luke–Acts.

Who wrote the 1st gospel? ›

The first written documents probably included an account of the death of Jesus and a collection of sayings attributed to him. Then, in about the year 70, the evangelist known as Mark wrote the first "gospel" -- the words mean "good news" about Jesus.

Who wrote the most number one songs of all time? ›

Paul McCartney (32) and John Lennon (26), of The Beatles, rank first and second, respectively, for having written the most Hot 100 No. 1s, thanks to their respective group and solo outputs.

Which Hollywood singer female is black? ›

Related: Check out our list of the greatest black singers here.
  • Whitney Houston.
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • Beyoncé
  • Toni Braxton.
  • Mariah Carey.
  • Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Chaka Khan.
  • Diana Ross.
Dec 30, 2022

Who was the old black woman gospel singer? ›

Mahalia Jackson (1911 - 1972) Mahalia Jackson is widely considered the best and most influential gospel singer in history. She grew up in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans, where she began singing in her church.

Who is the famous black female opera singer? ›

Marian Anderson

A beautiful contralto (there aren't nearly enough in the world!), Anderson preferred to sing in concert and recital, but made one groundbreaking operatic appearance at the Metropolitan Opera in 1955, as Ulrica in Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera, when she became the Met's first Black soloist.

Does Spotify have worship songs? ›

Updated weekly - this playlist features the freshest tracks in Worship. Click here for worship resources, chord charts, and acoustic videos!

Does Spotify have Southern gospel music? ›

Southern Gospel - Compilation by Various Artists | Spotify.

Are there hymns on Spotify? ›

The Spotify Hymnal! The difinitive collection of over 1,000 different hymns (3,000 in all!) by modern artists- with some traditional artists/versions mixed in. Different styles and backgrounds.

Is gospel by Dr Dre on Spotify? ›

Gospel (with Eminem) - Single by Dr. Dre | Spotify.

Do churches pay for worship songs? ›

Nearly every song written is copyrighted. To make copies of lyrics for a transparency or computer-generated display during worship, a church, like any other corporate entity, is required by law to pay a fee, most of which is eventually distributed to copyright owners according to usage.

What does the Bible say about listening to worship music? ›

26:30). The Apostle Paul instructed the Colossians, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God.

Can you listen to music while praying Christianity? ›

Prayer doesn't always have to be in silence. We can pray with music no matter the season — of your life or the liturgical year. O come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!

Why was Southern Cross removed from Spotify? ›

In solidarity with their bandmate, Neil Young, and in support of stopping harmful misinformation about COVID, they have decided to remove their records from the streaming platform including the recordings of CSNY, CSN, and CN, as well as Crosby's and Stills' solo projects.

How do you get into gospel music? ›

The primary qualifications for getting a gospel music job are a degree in a relevant field and several years of experience conducting music. Many people in this field start by volunteering at a church or asking local churches about any opportunities to learn about conducting gospel choirs.

What is the most famous hymn? ›

1. 'Amazing Grace'. Published in 1779, this is one of the best-known hymns in the English language, with words by John Newton. Newton became curate of the small parish of Olney in Buckinghamshire (not far north of the modern town of Milton Keynes) and wrote 'Amazing Grace' to illustrate a sermon on New Year's Day 1773.

Where can I get hymns? ›

Hymnary.org is an online hymn and worship music database for worship leaders, hymnologists, and amateur hymn lovers alike. At Hymnary.org you can search or browse hymns by title, tune, meter, key, scripture reference, and more.

Did Dr Dre leave Spotify? ›

Dre and Snoop Dogg are no longer available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. The two biggest casualties include Dr. Dre's The Chronic and Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle.

Why is Kanye West blacked out on Spotify? ›

Companies started to boycott the musician - who claims to be the 'richest black man in the world' - after the rapper made a series of anti-Semitic comments. West has blamed 'Jewish media' and 'Jewish Zionists' for a number of transgressions threatening on social media to go 'death con 3 on Jewish People.

What is gospel rap music? ›

Christian hip hop (originally gospel rap, also known as Christian rap, gospel hip hop or holy hip hop) is a cross-genre of contemporary Christian music and hip hop music. It emerged from urban contemporary music and Christian media in the United States during the 1980s.


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