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With the release of Infernax, fans of old-school side-scrolling, adventure titles in the same vein as Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, or Faxanadu have been given a genuine treat. However, there is so much more to Infernax than a new entry in this forgotten style of game. Infernax is packed with goodies. Most notably, three unique characters all bring their distinctive spin to the game.Related: Infernax: Tips For BeginnersWhether you are chopping down your foes with the axe of the brutish Axcedor, deftly dodging attacks and charging powerful spells with Gardakan, or going on a Contra-inspired rampage with the gun-toting Maxime Gunn, Infernax has several fantastic secret characters to pick up and play through the game with.

Upgrades, Equipment, Skills, And Spells

Infernax: Secret Characters Guide (1)
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Each character has their armor and weapon. However, everything is acquired in the same place for every single character. So, while the names of each piece of equipment, or skill, will change, the means for acquiring them will not.



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6


750 EXP

1750 EXP

3500 EXP

5000 EXP

7500 EXP

9999 EXP


750 EXP

1750 EXP

3500 EXP

5000 EXP

7500 EXP

9999 EXP


750 EXP

1750 EXP

3500 EXP

5000 EXP

7500 EXP

9999 EXP




Weapon Upgrade 1

Arkos Blacksmith

Weapon Upgrade 2

Kastki Blacksmith

Weapon Upgrade 3

Clear the Hidden Crypt dungeon. The dungeon is located in the same room as the Necronomicon, just destroy the wall to the right of it.

Armor Upgrade 1

Darsov Blacksmith

Armor Upgrade 2

Arkos Blacksmith

Armor Upgrade 3

Complete the Sunken Palace dungeon. This is a secret dungeon that is located east of the Stormheim Castle dungeon. You will need to jump off the edge of the platform to the right of the save statue. At the apex of your jump, use the Holy Charge skill. This will take you to the next screen, at which point you will need to jump from the side of that platform and use the Holy Charge skill again. These jumps are very tight, so don't get too discouraged if you die a few times attempting to get to the Sunken Palace.




Precision Strike

This skill is acquired in the Combbelton Necropolis dungeon.

Guided Strike

Use the precision strike skill to break through the wall in front of the house southwest of Darsov. Talk to the house's owner (Danielle) and you will be asked to kill the monster living in her basement. Once you do so, she will reward you with the Guided Strike skill.

Holy Charge

This skill is acquired in the Kastka Palace dungeon.


This skill is acquired in the Stormheim Castle dungeon.




Shield Spell

Darsov Apothecary


Found in the Valeshire Keep dungeon

Time Warp

Arkos Apothecary


Arkos Underpass Apothecary


Kastki Apothecary

Holy Light

Found In the Kadjanto Stronghold dungeon

Maxime Gunn

Infernax: Secret Characters Guide (2)

How To Unlock

To unlock Maxime, input Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Cancel Button, Confirm Button in the main menu.


Maxime’s skills differ the most from every other character in the game. His Fire In The Hole attack (which replaces Guided Strike) has him throw grenades below him, allowing him to adjust his falling direction. Instead of having the Skycall attack, he has the Double Jump skill (which does exactly what you would expect it to do).

Also, Maxime doesn’t get the ability to reflect projectiles. Instead, he gets the ability to pierce armor. One more thing that separates Maxime from the rest is that his version of Holy Light gives him the classic Contra Spread Shot.


Infernax: Secret Characters Guide (3)

Maxime is a Contra pastiche. However, new players probably shouldn't play as him first, as Maxime makes the entire game a cakewalk. Maxime’s standard bullet is powerful right out of the gate. However, just like with every other character, you can buy upgrades, which just makes its stopping power increasingly more ridiculous.

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Like all the other unlockable characters in the game, Maxime lacks Alcedor’s shield, so he isn’t able to deflect projectile attacks. However, his projectiles are far better than everyone else’s. So, that never ends up being much of an issue. Finally, Maxime’s greatest strength is that he can fire his weapon as he runs. This means that you will often clear out screens before you even really know what is up ahead.

Your upgrade strategy with Maxime should be to just pump up his attack stat. The best defense, when holding a machine gun, is absolutely a good offense. However, there isn't a wrong way to build Maxime, as he is extremely powerful right out of the gate.

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How To Unlock

To unlock Gardakan simply input Gardakan as your name when starting a new game.


Gardakan differs quite a bit from Alcedor and Axcedor in that his skills are far more powerful. These skills have better range and are considerably more flashy, though, as with his attack, Gardakan will need to use mana to perform them.

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Infernax: Secret Characters Guide (5)

Gardakan offers players a wholly new experience. He is completely dependent on magic spells, which means that his base attack uses mana. Gardakan also starts with absurdly low defense, which means he is easily killed. The first enemy you will encounter is the Zombie, and they can one-shot Gardakan (at full health). Worse yet, Gardakan doesn’t have a shield. So, you aren’t going to be defending against spears, axes, or other projectiles.

Thankfully, Gardakan does have a few unique tricks to help assist him in his survival. For starters, his weapon is far-reaching (when he has mana). It also hits multiple times (the closer you are to the enemy, the more hits you will get). Your standard attack also stays locked into the space where you use it, so as you descend, the attack does not descend with you. Which is great for attacking an enemy’s specific weak spot. When you are out of mana you can still punch the enemy, but the range is laughably bad.

Your upgrade strategy should be to bounce between attack and mana. Gardakan’s standard attack can be quite potent once it has been upgraded a couple of times. Your mana pool is also important, as everything Gardakan does is reliant on mana. Don’t concern yourself too much with upgrading your health. Gardakan can recharge his mana, so Gardakan will be able to heal at will. And that is when Gardakan becomes increasingly powerful. Once you start getting magic spells you can use them more freely.

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Infernax: Secret Characters Guide (6) How To Unlock

To unlock Axcedor input Axcedor as your name when starting a new game.


Unlike Maxime and Gardakan, whose skills are pretty distinct, Axecedor has the same skills as Alcedor. The only difference is that Axcedor's axe is longer than Alcedor's mace, which means that both his Holy Charge And Skycall skills will reach further vertically and horizontally respectively.


Infernax: Secret Characters Guide (7)

One of the first things you will notice about Axcedor is that his axe has a completely different attack arc than Alcedor's mace. It hits well above his head, which makes flying enemies far easier to deal with. His range is also far better. Unfortunately, it isn't all positive for Axcedor; for instance, he doesn't have access to a shield, so projectiles will hit him if he is stationary.

His axe swing is also quite a bit slower than Alcedor's mace, which can be a bit of a burden in the early game when enemies will take more hits. That being said, his axe being slower, and having a giant arc, leads to it being ideal for reflecting projectiles. Axcedor can even reflect projectiles while crouching, due to his weapon hitting so far above his head, which is ideal for dealing with an enemy that throws their projectiles high.

Your upgrade strategy should be to focus on Axcedor's power stat first and foremost. Once you have upgraded it two or three times, he will hit hard enough to keep enemies from crowding him. From that point onward, spread the upgrades across the three stats evenly.

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