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Princeton Tour Company specializes in private group tours, corporate events and team building in Princeton, New Jersey. We offer everything from walking tours, bus tours, ghost hunts, our “quintessentially princeton” team building experience, re-enactor bookings, speakers bureau and/or a combination of all!

We’re ready to help you find an experience that will delight your guests, employees and event planners!

$400 for the first 8 participants then $35pp thereafter

All ticketed members receive valuable dining and shopping discounts on the day of their tour to Princeton’s most iconic destinations including: 10% off one item at the bent spoon ice cream shop, $1 off any whole hoagie at Hoagie Haven, 10% off at Olive’s, 10% off lunch/dinner at Yankee Doodle Tap Room (excl. alcohol), Free Starbucks coffee w/any food item purchase from Starbucks at 100 Nassau Street, exclusive discounts at Princeton University Store, 5% off non-sale items at Princeton Record Exchange, 20% off for a Hoagie Haven T-shirt and complimentary Princeton Insiders’ Guide.

email [emailprotected] or call 1-855-743-1415 to request availability

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5 Star Walking & Riding Tours

  • These tours rank us the #1 Attraction on TripAdvisor and were featured in the Washington Post, New York Times and Chicago Tribune.
  • Private Walking Tours: Groups can enjoy a two hour walking tour of Princeton University campus – including Nassau Hall, Princeton Chapel, Prospect Garden, Rockefeller College and Einstein’s neighborhood – including the homes and hangouts of Albert Einstein, TS Eliot, F Scott Fitzgerald, Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland and MORE!.
  • Private Walking & Riding Tours: Groups will enjoy a one hour walking tour of Princeton University campus – including Nassau Hall, Princeton Chapel, Prospect Garden, Rockefeller College then, for the riding portion, guests will board the group’s commercial vehicle and expand their visit to include seeing the homes and hangouts of Albert Einstein, Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland, Robert Oppenheimer, J Seward Johnson Jr., Toni Morrison, the real Indiana Jones, the real Wicked Witch of the West and MORE!
  • These are perfect events for allowing guests to experience Princeton before or after dining out. If your group needs assistance finding transportation, hotel and dining accommodations, we can help!

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Our (should be) Trademarked “Quintessentially Princeton” Team Building Experience

  • This one of a kind group experience was featured in Small Meetings Magazine, Mid-Atlantic Magazine and Meeting Planners International. Think of this as our 5 Star Shameless Name Dropping Tour with mini-competitions throughout the event. (Yes, there will be prizes!)
  • This one-of-a-kind experience is designed to be entertaining, interactive and just the right amount of COMPETITIVE!Teams are assigned at the beginning of the event. As the group walks through Princeton campus, learning the fascinating history, the tour guide spontaneously creates mini competitions related to the content. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Ivy grad to win the competition! Sometimes it’s a clever multiple choice question and other stops require a myriad of activities requiring photo and video challenges.)
  • These events are not canned – they are customized for each company, industry and group participants. Our guides research your company’s history and create customized content along with little known facts about Princeton! (Did you know a Princeton professor invented the Olympics? TRUE! Did you know Princeton has more Nobel Prize Winners than any other 2 square miles on earth? TRUE! ….. we’re competitive like that!)
  • These events can begin and end at iconic Princeton restaurants …….. like F Scott Fitzgerald’s speakeasy or the favorite hang out of Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland and JFK or the pub where Einstein carved his initials. You get it ….. these events deserve that trademark!

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Genius Pub & Grub Crawls

  • These experiences combine all the most popular information from our famous 5 Star Walking tours with strategic libation and foodie stops along scenic routes on Princeton University campus and the surrounding streets.
  • Our administrative team will help you select the perfect combinations of pubs and restaurants while matching your group with the perfect tour guide!
  • These events normally start at an iconic Princeton pub or bar then a short walk to Princeton University campus toward as midway stop for a libation and appetizer. After everyone is ready to venture out again, we take a short walk through Einstein’s neighborhood and end at a final dining destination.
  • Einstein’s brain was stolen? The first curve ball was invented in a Princeton dorm room? Princeton has more Nobel Prize Winners than any other 2 square miles on earth? True and that’s not the good stuff!

Genius Foodie Tour

  • We’re a little embarrassed how little we leave Princeton. The good news is WE KNOW EVERY RESTAURANT OWNER, CHEF AND WAIT STAFF! (no really, we do!)
  • We have a foodie tour for every budget and vibe
  • We customize your entire foodie experience!
  • Rates per foodie tour range based on number of restaurants included in the experience

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Princeton Wedding Tour

  • The Jacqui Alexander of Princeton Tour Company and the bride map out the route, the sites and all the stories. We combine Princeton’s history with tidbits about the couple’s own history. By the time the bells are ringing, your guests will know why getting married in Princeton was the obvious next step!

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Private Ghost Tours/Hunts

  • Treat your team to a “life bucket” event! Your guests will be led by trained ghost hunters through Princeton campus using dowsing rods, therma-meters and EMF Meters to prove Princeton is haunted! After the spooky fun, guests will be escorted into the locked cemetery to see the gravestones of Aaron Burr, Jr., Grover Cleveland, Nobel Prize Winners and even the wealthiest student to attend Princeton!

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Reenactors, A Capella Groups, Speakers and More!

  • We can customize your event to make the most of your visit to Princeton!
  • We work with Black Squirrel Promotions to make sure your event is “quintessentially Princeton”!

Private Tours & Events Princeton | Princeton Tour Company (8)

Secret Supper Clubs

  • Princeton historic properties are normally closed to public groups unless you’re with us! Planners choose between a cocktail reception inside the home of a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Grover Cleveland’s Gun Room, Robert Wood Johnson’s mansion or Einstein’s Smoking Room.
  • Guests then enjoy a walking or riding tour of the Princeton campus, Einstein’s neighborhood, Princeton’s Western Section, where two United States Presidents, countless tycoons, inventors and Nobel Prize Winners called home. The stroll ends with a sumptuous meal inside another secret club or fine dining establishment in downtown Princeton.

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The Super Sparkly Private Event You’ve Heard Everyone Whisper About For the C-Suite Set

  • This super sparkly, super discreet event is perfect when you need a private dining event that is out of this world! (Yes, you’re really going to dine with Nobel Prize Winners in their natural habitat!)

#1 Tour in Princeton on TripAdvisor

Informative and entertaining trolley tour!

This was a fun way to spend an hour. The tour guide was sooooo entertaining, enthusiastic and knowledgeable...the neighborhoods were beautiful...we live locally and knew NONE of the stories or facts learned during the tour. Very easy to book and boarding was prompt and organized. Would consider other tours after enjoying this one so much.

– Terry B.

Loved the Shameless Name Dropping Walking Tour

This tour is a must for first time Princeton visitors. Easily walk through highlights of university and then local neighborhoods. Tim’s story telling around the history, architecture and famous students and/or residents was captivating and fun! Even if you’ve visited Princeton before, don’t miss this tour!!!

– Pat C.

Great Tour!

We had a great time learning about Princeton, the city we just moved to. Tim, our tour guide, did a very good job telling us stories about influential people in Princeton, including his favorite person of all: Albert Einstein. Thank you!

– Sandra L.

Fabulous way to name-drop in Princeton!

Jen was terrific! From the minute we started til the end of the tour, she really knew her stuff. My husband (who attended Princeton) was really impressed with her knowledge of history and how to relate if to the present day. Best name-dropping tour ever! Highly recommend this walk for anyone interested in this area.

– Lonna B.

#1Recommended Walking Tour by New York Times, Washington Post, Travel & Leisure, AAA, United Airlines, Japan Airlines, CBS Sunday Morning

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